“Geauxing Therefore”

At the end of St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus hands his followers a radical mission statement. That mission – and the mission of all Christ-followers to come – begins, simply, “Go therefore.”

“Therefore” points back to Jesus, who he is and what he does in the lives of believers.

“Go” points to his followers’ daily lives, where they go and who they meet along the way.

The “Go” of the Gospel calls Christ-followers to action and interaction.

Jesus told us to go throughout the world, telling others about Jesus and teaching others to follow him. And that starts right where we live.

But how can we make disciples without first knowing others? And how can we truly know other people without understanding, at least in part, the culture in which they live?

For those of us living in South Louisiana, that’s where “Geaux Therefore” comes in.

Whether you’re a student, a business owner, an attorney or a teacher, you know that life in New Orleans and South Louisiana follows a unique rhythm. It’s in the language, the food, the music and the people. New Orleans can sometimes feel more like a foreign country – the Caribbean or Europe – and less like the Southeast. And for newcomers, that can be a little overwhelming.

But as Saints quarterback Drew Brees sometimes says, “If you love New Orleans, New Orleans will love you back.”

So “Geaux Therefore” is about learning, understanding and loving this place we call home. Let this site encourage and challenge you to see the sights, taste the food, learn the history and mingle with the people that make South Louisiana the rich gumbo that it is.

Eat where locals eat. Use the phrases locals speak. Seek to identify with those who have always called New Orleans home.

Learning your context is almost like an adventure, but it also serves a great purpose. You, as a follower of Christ, have been challenged to “Geaux therefore” and introduce others to Jesus. As you learn your context, you become better equipped for communicating the Gospel of Jesus in a way that connects with the hearts and minds of the people you encounter.

So read on, explore, make new friends, and “Geaux therefore” into New Orleans and South Louisiana.


As the chief architects of Geaux Therefore, we (Gary D. Myers and Frank Michael McCormack) hope this site both inspires you to love New Orleans and its people more each day and empowers you to invest your life reaching Southeast Louisiana for Christ. Neither of us is originally from New Orleans, but it didn’t take long for New Orleans to get into our hearts.

While we are the principle contributors to Geaux Therefore, we look forward to including blogs from local ministers, professors, students, professionals and other committed Christians living and working in New Orleans. The site offers new feature stories each week, along with ideas to help readers “Explore,” “Encounter” and “Engage” the city in exciting ways.

Those interested in contributing any of these may submit articles for consideration to garydmyers3@gmail.com or fmmccormack@gmail.com.

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